How to mentally prepare for your matric results

By Optimi | 10 Jan, 2023

  1. Understand why you feel anxious

Understanding exactly why the thought of your results is making your stomach churn or your heart skip a beat is the first step towards managing your anxious feelings. The top reasons we feel anxious about results include:

  1. The pressure to get the results you want to apply for your dream degree.
  2. Pressure from your parents or other family members to get good results.
  3. Comparing yourself to others.
  4. Worrying about your future.
  5. The uncertainty of not knowing.



  1. The past is in the past

Remember that your anxiety about your results won’t change what you wrote and what the outcome might be. Reminding yourself to think logically about your anxieties around your results can snap you out of a worry spiral.


  1. Practising mindfulness

Practising mindful awareness can help you deal with anxiety and stop worrying. You might find meditation helpful to stop overthinking and prepare you mentally during stressful situations like waiting for your exam results.


  1. Try to get enough sleep

Being mentally prepared is very difficult when you’re sleep deprived. Practice good sleep health and try to sleep well while you wait for your results. This will help you to have the clarity you need to use your marks wisely when you do get them.


  1. Consider all your options

Although the dominant narrative makes it seem like lower marks will ruin your future, that isn’t true. There are still many options to follow your dreams after school, even if you didn’t get the marks you needed. You can rewrite your matric with an Adult Matric program like the one Optimi offers, if you want to improve some of your subjects’ marks for a specific degree.

Or if you didn’t want to study a degree anyway, you can enroll for private short courses that allow you to start working much sooner. Optimi College offers industry-relevant courses in industries like information technology, so that you can learn to be a programmer and coder with real-world skills. Our other course options include:

Business Management

Accounting and bookkeeping

Human Resource Management

Occupational Health and Safety

The most important thing to remember is that your personal worth isn’t tied to the percentages on your National Senior Certificate – and that you can still make the future you want. Optimi’s approach to inclusive, affordable and accessible education means that anyone can change their future.