How To Spot High-Quality Early Childhood Development (ECD) for Your Child in the Classroom

By Optimi | 19 May, 2022

What does Early Childhood Development got to do with me?

High-quality early childhood development provides the resources for children and educators to stimulate optimal cognitive and social development, leading to children that become adults that can think critically and act as leaders in whatever industry they go into. It’s also a leading cause of happier, healthier kids. Whatever school you choose for your littles should display a high quality of ECD methods, tools, and implementation.

What’s high-quality ECD vs other schools?

High-quality early childhood development (ECD) provides a solid foundation for lifelong learning. This covers everything from numeral and language literacy to social skills. From the moment children are born they start learning at an accelerated pace. The way early information is presented to them, and the way they’re taught to learn, affects the rest of their lives.

High-quality early childhood development (ECD) helps children learn impulse control, focus their attention, and retain information in a safe, positive environment. Children should find learning fun, engaging and exciting. High-quality ECD should offer:

  1. Positive relationships with their teachers
  2. A learning-friendly classroom environment
  3. Good nutrition
  4. Opportunities for active play outdoors
  5. Opportunities for quiet play and rest
  6. Diversion, inclusivity and equality
  7. Learning materials that stimulate curiosity, engagement, and interest

When choosing your pre-primary, nursery, or any other environment for your young child, make sure to review the entire environment. Some schools may promise (and even deliver) lofty academic achievements, but early academic achievements don’t always equal lifelong learning and success for your child – good early childhood development does.

That’s why Optimi’s Arrow Academy uses models that can equip each child with 21st-century skills and a love for learning that will flourish in the world of tomorrow.

Our models are:
  • The Master-Teacher Model: here subject matter experts teach specific subjects that are formulated to get learners to engage with the entire learning process
  • The Rotational Model: our classrooms are divided into smaller groups where each group is busy with a different interactive activity, allowing each student to fully understand what they are learning before moving on, rather than a teacher droning on at the front of the class
  • The Technological Model: Tech can enhance a classroom through blended learning techniques that allow students to progress at their own pace with devices that they see as fun and engaging

We also provide good nutrition for our students, meaning that each learner is equipped with the energy and nourishment to fully focus on their academics.

To Optimi, each learner is more than a student: they are the future. We want to provide an early learning development environment that makes that future as bright as possible. If you would like to find out more about enrolling your child in Arrow Academy, or simply follow our journey towards creating a model for lifelong learning in South Africa, get in touch with us!

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