Human Rights – The right to education is yours to claim!

By Optimi | 21 Mar, 2024

Human Rights Day marks 64years since the Sharpeville massacre and the day has become synonymous among South Africans as one to commemorate and reflect on the sacrifices made for the attainment of democracy. This day reminds us of our rich tapestry and the strides we have made towards equality.

The rights enshrined by our constitution, encompass the right to life and liberty, freedom of opinion and expression, and the right to education among others. Each South African is entitled to these rights without any form of discrimination.

Let us explore education in South Africa and the responsibilities we must uphold in governing this basic right. Having access to education is fundamental to any progressive nation and has a great influence on societal development. By affording citizens this right, individuals can empower themselves with the knowledge and skills that are essential for personal growth and contributing positively to their communities.

Despite efforts to improve education, South Africans are still grappling with several challenges that hinder the quality of learning. Lack of proper infrastructure, overcrowded classrooms, and a shortage of qualified teachers are obstacles that prevent students from having optimal learning experiences

These inequalities are exacerbated in rural schools more than they are in urban schools. At Optimi, providing accessible learning solutions is what we do. We are passionate about making our offerings user-friendly and easy to understand without training, with clear guidance to keep moving forward.

By making use of a balance of printed and digital products, and the use of technology complimented by offline solutions, Optimi ensures that its offerings are easily available to a wide market, irrespective of location or infrastructure. All this is done while striving to be affordable to the majority of the market as far as possible.

The 21st century calls for a paradigm shift in our approach to learning. As we navigate an era marked by technological advancements and unprecedented challenges, the need for accessible, inclusive and forward-thinking education has never been more critical.

Ours is a story driven by a passion for learning, teaching, and helping you accomplish tomorrow’s educational goals today. We are inspired by people who keep moving forward in life. This Human Rights Day, let us be reminded of the importance of a quality education and your responsibility to exercise this right by seeking out the best. Make Optimi your learning partner on this journey and achieve your NEXT.

About Optimi

Optimi Group is a learning solutions company that offers solutions through four divisions – Home, Classroom, College and Workplace.

Optimi was established when PSG invested in homeschooling provider Impaq (then called Impak) in 2012. Since then, the company has grown by merging and acquiring other education and training businesses that complement its offering, including Media Works, ITSI, CollegeSA, CAMI Education, Tuta-Me, IT Academy, and various smaller learning and content providers. These mergers and acquisitions have provided Optimi with a comprehensive range of resources and skills to deliver world-class learning solutions to its customers. Part of the PSG Group, Optimi is quickly becoming a household name in the education and training industry.