The Importance Of Upskilling And Women In The Workplace With Eloise Nolte

By Optimi | 15 Aug, 2022

Eloise Nolte is an industrial engineer who has climbed the ranks at Optimi for over 9 years. She is the Managing Director of the Optimi College division and her leadership style is to be creative, ambitious and good at problem-solving. Eloise shares her expertise on Education in SA and how to become an Optimi Leading Lady

Do you think women in leadership are important in the South African context? 

Yes, women bring an intrinsic strength to leadership that is inspiring. Many women have to work double as hard to get the same opportunities and that develops character. 


What do you find encouraging about Generation Z that will make them good future leaders?

How adaptable, diverse and progressive they are – they don’t shy away from new things and are quick to upskill themselves.


Why do you think women of every age should pursue upskilling?

Upskilling yourself means that you’re opening yourself up to learning – this not only applies to the content you’ll consume but also to new experiences and all the peripheral learnings from the process. It’s also a case of once you’ve learned something new, you’ll be more inclined to do it more often and with more ease. 


What’s the biggest challenge you faced getting to where you are now?

I would say being honest with myself about what makes me happy and fulfilled and pursuing that, and not what the world expected of me. There are so many influences in the world that steer us in a specific way, but we need to constantly work hard to decide what we want in life. 


What’s one skill that every woman who wants to work in business should acquire?

With the way the world is currently changing, I would say adaptability. I’ve realised that the quicker you can readjust yourself and adapt to a new situation, the sooner you feel comfortable again and ready to move on. Many things just aren’t worth the worry and fuss.  


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