The Top 3 Benefits of Short Courses

By Optimi | 26 May, 2022

In a world that’s rapidly evolving, growing, and changing, short courses help you keep your knowledge current and relevant and give you the opportunity to never stop learning. The job market is becoming more and more competitive, and having current skills is a valuable asset on your CV and during performance reviews. Short courses can help you achieve that.

What are short courses?

Short courses are generally 6-month courses that specialise in a specific subject to help improve your expertise. Whether you want your Microsoft Certification as someone working in IT, you’re a designer looking to improve your Adobe Skills, or you’re a business owner wanting to master Pastel or better understand Business Management, short courses can teach you useful skills. There are three major benefits to studying short courses:


Short courses have the advantage of being much cheaper than full, accredited courses, meaning that they can fit into your budget easily. At Optimi, we believe that access to education should be easily available, which is why we make it even easier to afford short courses by offering monthly payment plans. Rather than needing a once-off amount, you can work the price of a short course into your monthly expenses.


While degrees and other qualifications teach the foundations that you need to be able to work effectively in your industry, short courses have the advantage of specialising in current skills. Especially if you work in a field like programming or IT, you’ll find that short courses teach you the skills and knowledge you need to stay relevant in your career.

Bragging rights

Being a lifelong learner who takes the initiative to upskill and stay relevant is no longer an option in the modern world. Being able to share your latest knowledge on your CV or at the workplace is a good way to ensure that you reach your career goals.

Regardless of the industry, you’re in, you can find a short course with Optimi that will make your work more meaningful, and interesting, and give you an advantage in the world of job hunting or in the workplace. Browse our courses here!

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