Our story

Optimi Classroom, through its offerings – ITSI and Academy – has been offering e-learning platforms and extra-class solutions since 2012. From our library of 440 000 hard copy and e-books to our digital facilitation and training, our free e-learning application miEbooks, and more – we give institutions the ability to continue teaching anytime, anywhere. Our extra-class solutions offer learners the opportunity to improve and reinforce what they have learned through special diagnostic tools and engaging practice sessions.

At Optimi Classroom, we are proud to be partners in learning with schools and tertiary institutions. To date, we have provided accessible learning solutions to learners and institutions in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Whether you are an educator, a learner, or an institution, we can help you take your classroom with you wherever you go.


Get everything you need to create the ultimate learning experience with Optimi Classroom.

What we do

At Optimi Classroom, we provide classroom and extra-class teaching and learning solutions for schools and other education institutions.

We focus on bridging the gap between traditional learning and technology by working directly with institutions to help them implement efficient e-learning platforms as part of their day-to-day operations.

Learners use various electronic devices to access learning content such as e-books, notes, sketches, flashcards, and more. Teachers create and share Learning Paths, additional content, self-marking assessments, and intervention plans customised to suit individual learner’s needs. Offline content enables educators to embrace flipped classroom techniques that promote critical thinking, self-research, and time-management skills.

Optimi Classroom is part of the Optimi Group who provides accessible learning solutions that support every step of your learning journey through four divisions: Home, Workplace, Classroom, and College.


Get tools for your class, plan lessons, and gain access to hard copy and e-books from thousands of publishers. Our SACE-endorsed professional development courses will teach you how to use 21st-century teaching and delivery models to create the ultimate learning experience.


Start learning and access content directly from your teacher. Plus, you can study anytime, anywhere with our free e-reader, miEbooks. Get access to our exciting learning and practice software packages, digital lessons, career guidance tools, and more.


Simplify your administration and control your institution’s learning centrally via our Facilitator Console. The FC, with its simplified administrative processes and capabilities, reduces the time spent by educators on administration and allows educators to do what is central to their role – teach and facilitate.

Our products and services

Optimi Classroom is your one-stop shop for 21st-century teaching and learning.
Our exciting offerings include:


Learners and educators can access more than 440 000 CAPS-approved and CAPS-aligned hard copy and e-books from more than 14 000 local and international publishers.


Learners are empowered to take charge of their learning journey through resources ranging from practice software programs, digital lessons, robotics and coding, enhanced study methods, and career guidance tools.

Digital facilitation

At Optimi Classroom, we provide a high-tech digital Facilitator Console that gives learning institutions the ability to manage educators, learners, courses, and classes
all in one place.

E-learning support

Our in-house support team is there to ensure that your school’s e-learning is set up correctly and runs smoothly.

Teacher training

Educators can enhance their teaching skills with our range of SACE-endorsed training and short courses while earning valuable CPTD points.

Extra-class learning solutions

Our Academy provides extra-class learning solutions to help learners improve their literacy, numeracy, and other critical skills through
brain-based learning.

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