Homeschooling made easy

Impaq provides CAPS-aligned products and services, available in English and Afrikaans, to help Grade R – 12 learners complete their studies at home.

One of the many benefits of homeschooling is that it offers learners uninterrupted learning throughout the year. With home education, you can also tailor learning to suit your child’s individual needs.

  • Children can study at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.
  • Children can continue their schooling at home in a clean, safe, and nurturing learning environment.
  • Children can follow a flexible study schedule.
  • Children can spend more time on difficult subjects.
  • Parents can instil personal beliefs, values, and ethics in their children.

Why Impaq?

  • More than 28 000 learners made use of Impaq’s lesson material in 2021.
  • We have over 19 years’ experience in home education.
  • Our education specialists offer online classes to help learners explore various subjects and help them keep up to date with their studies.
  • We register learners in Grade 10 – 12 with SACAI, the assessment body for distance education.
  • Parents can use our assessments to monitor their child’s progress.

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Our products and services

Our products and services are designed to enable individualised learning, which allows learners to study at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.

What do we offer?

Assessment elements and services

Facilitator’s guides

Access to education specialists

Lesson material

Live online classes

Access to the Optimi Learning Portal (OLP) with thousands of educational videos

Optimi Campus

Impaq also provides additional tutoring services through our Optimi Campus offering. Optimi Campus offers a flexible distance learning environment for Grade 10 – 12 learners.

Our experienced facilitators present classes on-site at our Lynnwood Campus and facilitate learning at our Auckland Park Campus.

Optimi Group

Impaq forms part of the Optimi Home division in the Optimi Group. The Optimi Group provides accessible learning solutions that support every step of your learning journey through four divisions: Home, Workplace, Classroom, and College.