Our story


The Optimi Group has been in the education industry for many years. With Optimi Publishing, our focus is on developing comprehensive and efficient CAPS- and IEB-aligned teacher resources that meet classroom and administrative needs and school policies based on legal and regulatory requirements.

Optimi Publishing forms part of the Optimi Group. The Optimi Group provides accessible learning solutions that support every step of your learning journey through four divisions: Home, Workplace, Classroom, and College.

What we do


Optimi Publishing offers innovative and accessible education solutions and is your complete education solution partner. Our resources provide learners and educators with individualised guidance and empower them to achieve their learning goals. Optimi Publishing can help you be the best educator you can be.

We offer a variety of resources, including:

Prescribed textbooks


Past examination papers


Assessment material

School policies on English and Afrikaans

We have invested in exciting brands, including Quanta and Excom Publishers, to help build our vision for the future.

Our products and services


At Optimi Publishing, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality CAPS-aligned books and resources. All our content is developed by experts in their relevant fields, including examination panel members, senior examiners, and moderators.

Optimi books for Grades R – 12

Our CAPS-aligned lesson material includes study guides, workbooks, and additional aids, with thorough teacher’s guides to facilitate learning.


Physical Sciences books for Grade 10 – 12 learners make learning exciting and fun! The series contains hundreds of exercises and includes memorandums with step-by-step answers to all the questions.


Our ‘talking textbooks’ help learners engage with their studies. Short, interactive modules are inserted into our textbooks to allow learners to get a deeper understanding of the material through interactive audio and visual snippets.

Assessments for Grades R – 12

We provide the complete set of CAPS-aligned assessments for the year, per grade and per subject. These assessments include the tasks, tests, and examination papers (for both June and November), and the applicable memorandums.

School policies for public and independent schools

Our extensive school policies comply with legal and regulatory requirements and cover most of a school’s policy needs from admissions to assessments.

Visit the Optimi Publishing website at https://optimipublishing.co.za/ for CAPS-aligned books and resources.