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Our story

At Tuta-Me, we are passionate about education because we are passionate about South Africa. We provide community education and training to high school and tertiary students across the country.

Tuta-Me was established in 2015 to make quality tutoring services more accessible. Our core mission is to provide academic assistance to learners and improve their understanding of knowledge by enabling access to highly qualified tutors.

Visit our website at to find your ideal learning solution.

What we do

Tuta-Me specialises in connecting learners who need academic assistance with highly qualified tutors who can provide it. Our core mission is to make access to tutoring easy and convenient for bursary learners and corporates with a vested interest in supporting their bursars to get to the finish line.

By utilising technology, we enable learners to safely and conveniently book tutoring sessions on the Tuta-Me app from anywhere, anytime.

Our products and services

Our clients

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Tuta-Me forms part of the Optimi Workplace division in the Optimi Group. The Optimi Group provides accessible learning solutions that support every step of your learning journey through four divisions: Home, Workplace, Classroom and College.