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Learn in the classroom, at the workplace, in college or at home, with access to content, tools, guidance and support no matter where you are in your in life or learning journey.

We have a tailored, interconnected network of accessible solutions to meet your needs and circumstance; supporting you every step of the way.

The Optimi Story

An ongoing story of learning and continual improvement.


At Optimi, we are inspired by you.

You, who wake up every day to better yourself. Who keep on learning to keep moving forward in life. You, who did not give up, who did not stay down, and who refused to take no for an answer. You, who recognise that your education will lead to a better future.

We celebrate your determination to change your world through education.

We are deeply moved by those who struggle forward to achieve their dreams. Those who keep pushing, one step at a time. We salute those with a thirst for learning and a commitment to reaching their goals.



We recognise that you are at a unique stage in your life and learning journey. That’s why we constantly aim to provide accessible learning solutions to you, whatever your needs.


Home education and supplementary learning for parents, learners, and tutors.

Reach your academic dream through quality home education for Grade R - 12
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Your Physical Sciences Study Guide / Aid for Grade Ten, Eleven & Twelve.
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The “Uber” of tutoring. Academic services to learners, through access to highly qualified tutors.
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Access individualised learning through unique practice software. Thousands of exercises at various levels of difficulty.
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Classroom teaching and learning solutions for schools and tertiary institutions.

An EdTech solution that makes learning visible, measurable, collaborative, integrated and mobile
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Comprehensive and efficient CAPS-aligned teacher resources that meets your classroom and administrative needs
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Our dynamic learning environment, at the forefront of classroom innovation.
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Accredited qualifications and short courses for adult learners.

Achieve your education dreams with over 200 distance learning courses
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Complete your matric qualification online.
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Workforce training and community education for corporates and the public sector.

Complete your matric qualification online.
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South Africa’s leading provider of Adult Education and Training (AET).
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