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21 Feb, 2023

Love of Learning: Fall in love today


Learning enables personal development and growth. It is an ongoing process that not only enriches our minds, but also helps us become better versions of ourselves. A love of learning, however, is what sets successful individuals apart.

23 Jan, 2023

What’s Next Now That I’ve Received My Matric Results?


Congratulations! You’ve received your matric results. Now what? If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the decision of what to study or even whether or not to study, Optimi can help.

10 Jan, 2023

How to mentally prepare for your matric results


Matric results day is drawing nearer, and former matrics and their parents around the country are holding their breaths in anticipation. Anxiety around your results is perfectly understandable but can be detrimental to your mental health. So how do you mentally prepare yourself to view your exam results in the healthiest way? Here are some tips from the Optimi team!