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18 Jul, 2024

Celebrating milestones – Happy Mandela Day!


Every year on July 18th - Mandela Day, we are reminded of the causes that were dear to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela’s heart, affectionately known as Tata, one of which is education. Optimi is delighted to commemorate significant strides made in our country in this regard while acknowledging the ongoing efforts required to empower future generations through education.

27 May, 2024

Embracing Digital Transformation in The Future of Learning


Digital transformation is the buzzword across industries, reshaping the world as we know it. We live in a world that is transforming at a rapid rate and this has an impact on households, businesses, and processes.

02 May, 2024

Celebrating International Workers’ Day: Optimi’s Commitment to Honouring and Empowering our Employees


Since the landmark South African democratic elections of 1994, Workers' Day has been officially recognised and observed, carrying dual significance. It serves as both a commemoration of the hard-won rights of workers and a reminder of the invaluable role played by trade unions, the Communist Party, and other labour organisations in the struggle for equality.

25 Apr, 2024

Creating a study environment at home using the latest remote learning strategies


When you think of creating the perfect learning or studying environment it is easy for one to want to replicate a classroom space. Although this should not be the case, be creative yet practical with your space by using what you already have.

21 Mar, 2024

Human Rights – The right to education is yours to claim!


Human Rights Day marks 64years since the Sharpeville massacre and the day has become synonymous among South Africans as one to commemorate and reflect on the sacrifices made for the attainment of democracy. This day reminds us of our rich tapestry and the strides we have made towards equality.

28 Feb, 2024

EQ coupled with IQ in Early Childhood Development


The Emotional Quotient (EQ) or Emotional Intelligence vs Intelligence Quotient (IQ) debate has been ongoing for years and the answer on which one is more beneficial in kids depends on whose asking.