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02 Jun, 2022

Top 5 tips from education experts to help matric students


Prelims are a stressful season for matric students. We know you face a lot of pressure! The secret to doing well in your prelims (and eventually your final exams)? Take advice from experts that can give you the tips you need!

26 May, 2022

The Top 3 Benefits of Short Courses


In a world that’s rapidly evolving, growing, and changing, short courses help you keep your knowledge current and relevant and give you the opportunity to never stop learning. The job market is becoming more and more competitive, and having current skills is a valuable asset on your CV and during performance reviews. Short courses can help you achieve that.

19 May, 2022

How To Spot High-Quality Early Childhood Development (ECD) for Your Child in the Classroom


Early childhood development (ECD) focuses on the period between birth and about age nine when children develop their cognitive and social skills the fastest. High-quality ECD is an investment in the future of a country – making it even more important in South Africa.

12 May, 2022

10 Tips For Becoming A Digitally Native Teacher


Students today are digital natives born into a world of tech. Teachers must find ways to reach and connect with digital native students. We cannot use the old hierarchical systems to teach anymore, so how can teachers adapt to the fourth industrial revolution and connect with their digitally native students?